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I took these the other day of Kenna. Maybe she wasn’t in the mood for a photo shoot. Maybe she didn’t like what she was wearing or how I fixed her hair. I don’t know. But what I do know is that I am mourning the loss of her smile. Her natural, radiant smile. She is now conscious of herself, her smile, how she looks, etc. It is so sad to me, kind of like it’s the end of her innocence (not completely I know, but a stepping stone in any case). I knew this day would come…It doesn’t make her any less beautiful or less interesting, and I don’t love her any less of course. It does however, make for a funny compilation…and don’t you love the sad little face in the last one? I must have been torturing her.

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Full of Grace

I was excited to photograph this little one for her first birthday, and it was fun to have the help of friends to coax out her smile. She was so very patient with our many shots and costume changes. She had a lot of priceless expressions, as was her reaction to the grass we put her on. We grooved to some fun kids music (I’ve gotta find that CD for my girls!) and I had a great morning photographing this dear little one. I love photographing my friends’ children, and I love to see my friends in the role as mothers, and am so grateful to think back on our years of friendship!

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