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This week’s theme was water…

Water, so basic for life. So serene. So powerful. Awe inspiring. Annoying and sometimes problematic. Hard or sometimes soft. Pure.

I love water…drinking it, going to the beach, sitting by a lake or stream…but I actually found this week pretty hard. I was wishing I could go to someplace inspiring and serene, ideally with a fruity drink in hand. But since that wasn’t in the cards this week, I tried to find inspiration around me at home. I took quite a few pictures this week that didn’t make the cut. I did some of washing blueberries, abstract boiling water, abstract ice while making a margarita. Nothing quite came together for a strong series. Then I decided to give the dog’s a bath and have the girls help. I had visions of some nostalgic looking images of my daughters laughing, smiling and having fun giving the dogs a bath. I would sit back and document their attempt to clean the dogs. This was great in theory…the girls didn’t like the wet grass, or the wet dogs. They couldn’t hold the sprayer of the hose down far enough to get it turned on. They thought it was icky. And don’t get me started on how the dogs felt. So I was left trying to shoot, wash and dry dogs all the while keeping on eye on the kids as they deserted me with this chore. So much for good intentions! (Don’t be fooled by their smiles, no parties involved enjoyed this)

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I’ve cooked up a couple of new things for today…

First and foremost, I finally finished updating my website! Yay! It has the new print prices, session policies, new digital packages and of course some new images!

I’ve decided to streamline my print production. Now when you receive your online gallery of images, you can order directly from the site. A professional lab will print the images (after I retouch your selects) and they will be shipped directly to you in pretty packaging! I will of course, continue to print the fine art prints on the fancy printer here, but for the basic printing, I think this will streamline the project and allows me to offer a less expensive option. I hope you find it easier to order and share with friends and family!

Another big change is some new digital options…

The first is a standard digital package, with high resolution digital files you can print yourself. We can recommend a quality professional lab, with very reasonable prices. I’ve had this one up for awhile, and you can read all the nitty-gritty details online…

The second option is to buy just a single high resolution file. This is good if you are looking for photos for printed announcements or cards. This will be helpful for holiday cards I think…

But the biggest change is that I am now offering the digital file for any prints you buy. Pretty simple, if buy a print, you can have the digital file. The file is a low resolution jpeg, which is great for sharing on social networking sites, blogs, sharing with friends and family, to put in your phone or digital photo frame. We live in a digital world, and I know people like to share their lives online. I would rather have you share your images and talk about what a great photographer I am, then have them sit on my computer collecting digital dust. (just kidding about the photographer part, haha) I will probably put a logo or photo credit on it (hoping for referrals), and I’ll be playing this option by ear. I might make some adjustments as people use or abuse the rights. It’s low resolution, so not ideal for re-saving, tweaking or printing, I just want you to be able to share it online. I hope this new addition will be appreciated!

Okay, so I think that covers all the new stuff. Please let me know if you find any bugs within the site, or if any of the new stuff is confusing. A website is always a work in progress and after staring at it for countless hours (okay, only a few hours) I sometimes overlook details. Please forgive me.

The second thing I have cooking (sorry for the pun!), is a little photo collage of the zucchini bread I baked last week. It is delicious and I like to kid myself that it’s nutritious too. But at least it does have vegetables, fruit and flax in it! Shh, don’t tell the kids!

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The theme for this week is: A Hobby
Definition: An activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation

Interesting topic! I had to really think about my hobbies. I don’t have as many or as much time to do them since having kids, but these are the things I like to do, that give me pleasure or help me relax…

My hobbies are:

Drinking wine with friends…I sacrificed a sweet bottle of vintage Charles Shaw for these pictures, haha! Don’t worry I usually drink better wine! My favorite is Pinot Noir; I have yet to find one I don’t like. A little history of this bottle of vintage Charles Shaw…It was a 2002 bottle that was relabeled for the second anniversary of our wine club. We’ll be having our 10th anniversary this November…

Baking and looking for yummy recipes…I made some chocolate zucchini bread yesterday. So, so yummy! I will post some baking pictures next week. I have a new found respect for food bloggers. It was really tricky to take good pictures and concentrate on my measurements and recipe! Not to mention keeping the camera clean…

Sewing and crafting…I am currently making some table runners for a bridal shower I am cohosting for my sister-in-law.

Reading…I am currently reading “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest” and I love my kindle app on my ipad/iphone. I starting reading last year during my treatments and have a new found love for books. I figured out that since last year, I’ve read more than 27 books and over 18,635 pages…

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Pure sweetness

I was very honored to do this little guys newborn pictures. He was just a little peanut, only a couple of weeks old, but he did great for his first ever photo shoot. He still had that newborn smell and it made me nostalgic for the days of cuddling my own two baby girls. Not that they don’t cuddle now, but they smell like big kids and the cuddles are usually their way of getting something from me. There is nothing better than sitting back and cuddling a newborn on your chest, watching the rise and fall of their breath and smelling their sweet newborn smell…

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The theme for week 2 is Happiness:

Last weekend we were trying on flower girl dresses for my sister-in-law’s wedding and I snapped these while we were waiting…

Happiness is watching my little girls shop and look at all the pretty dresses.
Happiness is make funny faces in the mirror.
Happiness is admiring your big sister.
Happiness is being a princess, with a real tiara.
Happiness is a rare and tender hug between sisters.
Happiness would be one day seeing my daughters try on their own wedding dresses…

What makes you happy?

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Picture of the Week

I’m on a really awesome moms board and it’s filled with awesome moms and some really talented photographers. Some do it as their business, some do it for fun. Recently we started doing a weekly challenge called “Picture of the Week”. Pretty creative name huh? But in all seriousness, I’m kind of excited. Every week the theme will change, every week it will allow me to play around with the camera and take pics for fun. Not for a client, not for a deadline, not trying to make a non-cooperative kid cooperate, but something fun for myself. So without further adieu, my first post of my “Picture of the Week”…my goal is to post one every Friday. Something to look forward to…

This week’s theme was red.

I was surprised to find how many red things I associate with summer. Ripe red berries, red stripes in the flag on the 4th of July, kids riding their bikes outside, red tomatoes growing in my garden…

What do you associate with red? Care to participate in your own “picture of the week” challenge?

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Happy First Birthday to this little sweetheart! I had a great time photographing this little one. Usually we do the whole family at the same time, but it was great to have some one on one time with little Audrey. Isn’t she so sweet?

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Here’s some photos of my recent graduate. We are so proud of our little superstar as she graduates from preschool to kindergarten!

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