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The theme for this week was to take a picture of something interesting or unique in your hometown. Those who have been to San Jose know, there isn’t much to choose from. We have no fancy arch, no statue standing the harbor.

So I’m taking this week to post pictures of our recent trip to Avila Beach. It kind of counts because we used to live close to Avila…

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First Day of School

Today was a very special day…our little Kenna started Kindergarten! She woke up early this morning, excited, a little giddy and anxious. I made the first mistake of trying to squeeze in a grocery store run before school. Then I made the second mistake in thinking that walking her to school would be a good idea. Well I planned my time well, except for when we set out to leave. They asked for water. Then for snacks. Then I had to grab the little camera and then run back in for the memory card. It made us a few minutes late, so true to form (I hate being late) I ran about half the way pushing the stroller. I dreaded the thought of her being late. We made it with a few minutes to spare, and I greeted some fellow moms, glistening with sweat. Awesome.

But back to Kenna…she had a great day, made some new friends, and played with some familiar faces. All in all a great start to the school year!

By the way, Mommy did great too. I was a little emotional, but I didn’t cry. I didn’t want her to cry. But I’m glad this day is over and she’s back at home to make me miserable. I mean happy. She’s also trying out a new smile. She told me today that she didn’t have a smile (must be genetic, haha, I said the same when I was little) and I told her she had a beautiful smile when she’s happy and laughing. This is her laughing smile.

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This week’s theme is childhood.
1. the state or period of being a child.
2. the early stage in the existence of something: the childhood of the human race.

Here are some I took of the girls the other day. I have another series planned for this theme, but didn’t get to finish them this week. I am off for a quick trip to Vegas for my sister-in-laws bachelorette party. Wish me luck!

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It’s Friday yay! Time for another picture of the week. This week’s theme was your Front Door…no definition necessary. Our front door is a little retro, but not so retro to be cool. Our house was built in the 50’s and our front door reminds me of the old lady that lived there before us. She bought the house new and raised her family there. Now we are raising our girls in the same house, the same rooms. We hope to change the house a bit this spring and maybe a new front door will be in order…

I took this one at night because our house looks better at night. Haha, doesn’t everyone look better in the dark?!

On a side note, I looked through my archives for pictures of our front door. I was hoping to assemble some sort of collage for this week, our door at different times and seasons, and as our family grew etc. I found two. Both were at Halloween. Apparently it’s the only time I think of taking pictures in the front of our house…

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The theme for this week is Desserts.

1. cake, pie, fruit, pudding, ice cream, baked goods, etc., served as the final course of a meal.
2. British, a serving of fresh fruit after the main course of a meal.

Yum! Here’s a classic dessert. Milk and cookies. Oreo cookies. This was Kenna’s first experience with dunking cookies in milk. I have no idea why it took us almost 5 years to show her this. And yes, we’ve created a cookie-dunking monster…


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