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Holey(man) Matrimony

I am pre-writing this Friday’s blog post because I will be in the full swing of getting ready for my sister-in-laws wedding! There will be lots of primping to be done. Tans, nails, alterations, spanx, whitening, waxing – and that’s just what my husband needs. Just kidding honey! But really, I will be getting my two little ones ready for their debut as flower girls and will need to get myself ready to stand up with the rest of the 11 beautiful bridesmaids. I need a lot more primping than those 20 something gals…

These were taken at the family shower we threw for Alison in August. Just a few fun snapshots from the afternoon. I think they show what a wonderful family we have and the one that my sister in law will be joining. So much love!

I am undecided whether I will drag my camera along for the day. Probably yes, but I would also like to partake in some adult beverages and don’t want to lose my camera! Hmm, decisions, decisions…

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Here’s another recent job I did. I love photographing this mother and son, it’s my third year in a row. They are both so photogenic, smiley and happy. You can feel the love they have for each other. We tried a new location, the Hayes Mansion, which worked great and was a nice change. I used my old but hardly used, diana camera lens. It’s a little funky and free form, but I am super happy with the results. Doesn’t it look cool?

Happy Friday everyone!

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Argbright Family

I took these a few months ago of a family friend’s family (say that fast 5 times!) and it just proves that location an lighting aren’t everything. We met at a neighborhood park, nothing fancy but quiet and low key. The only time we could schedule was during the middle of the day between naps etc. Usually I prefer to shoot in the morning or afternoon when the light is best. But given the small park and mid day lighting conditions, I think we got some great results! This was their first family portrait. The kids were so well behaved and photogenic, made it easy and I really had a fun time!

I always get nervous photographing people I know. Well, I get nervous with all the people I shoot, but especially with family and friends I see all the time. I worry that they won’t like the pictures and then awkwardness will ensue at the next social function. I’ve held back on posting this shoot because I wasn’t sure the family liked them. I sent the proof gallery out and then heard nothing, for two months. I started to sweat it. Maybe I should check in with the family. Maybe I should offer to reshoot. And then finally I received an order. And not just a couple of pity pictures, a really big order! I was really relieved and happy I could stop obsessing about blowing the job. Happy that I wouldn’t have to hide in the basement the next time I saw this family. It was a good day.

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Sesody Family

I haven’t had a chance to show these family portraits I did a few weeks back. Since Picture of the week is on haitus still, I thought I would sneak this one in…

Beautiful family on a beautiful day in a beautiful location. My job was easy!

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It’s Friday and usually I post a picture of the week. Unfortunately, our fearless leader who decides the theme is entertaining her family this month. (Yes, for the month. Crazy right?)

So, this week I decided to take the opportunity to post a recent job instead. This is Mariko. She was my very first senior portrait. I had so much fun and really enjoyed working with an “older” subject. One that didn’t drool, or cry, or need a lollipop as a bribe. It was so fun and brought me back to that special time in my own life. She’s preparing her college applications, touring college campuses and doing all those fun things seniors do. (Well, hopefully not all those things, lol)

If any of you know any seniors who would like a little more than the “black cape” yearbook photo let me know!

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