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Yay it’s Friday! It’s a drizzly, gray (or is it grey?) Friday, but Friday nonetheless!

This week’s theme: Still Life
1. a representation chiefly of inanimate objects, as a painting of a bowl of fruit.
2.the category of subject matter in which inanimate objects are represented, as in painting or photography.

I decided to do a fun collage for Halloween, just a few things I put out this year. The girls are going to be fairies, one green and one blue. They have approved their costumes, and now I just have to hope they don’t change their minds in the next week. It’s always the risk a mom takes in shopping early for this stuff…

I really like my mysterious black crow (or is a raven?) Hope everyone has a spooktacular week! (sorry, I’ve been hanging out with the preschool crowd too long, lol)

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Hopefully I got the day right this week, haha, but it’s time for a Friday post! This is a collage of our fun trip to Albuquerque last weekend and the balloon fiesta. We had a great time with my family, visiting Santa Fe and watching the balloons. The trip made me a wee bit homesick, as I really love New Mexico and remember my childhood there fondly. So many cool local traditions, beautiful scenery, yummy food and fun family times.

We brought a ton of camera gear with us (photographers don’t travel lightly) but didn’t end up taking too many pictures really. It was more difficult during the fiesta to watch the kids and take pictures than I had imagined. Jordan didn’t drag out his funky Cambo for pictures, and used the Canon (which I mainly use) to take some cool high def videos etc. We got separated several times in the crowd of 200,000 people, which meant I took maybe 5 pictures total. Jordan got some cool shots in between the videos though, so I am going to post his pics and call it a “guest spot” on my blog, haha! Hope you enjoy his photos!

Photos by Jordan Reeder

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Friday’s Post

We are flying today to see my grandma and family in New Mexico! I am so excited! It’s been a long time since I’ve been back and I am looking forward to seeing my family. I’m excited to show Jordan where I grew up and show my girls the balloon fiesta. I will have pictures to post after our trip, I promise.

I do have some older pictures of Ava that I took at the end of the summer. I think they’re still cute, so I will post these for my Friday Picture of the week. I originally took these during the “childhood” theme week. Which reminds me, picture of the week has restarted, yay! This week’s theme was “an interesting object” and I will blog about it when I return from our trip.

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Whew, I made it! I try and make the effort to at least post once a week, on Fridays, just to keep the blog rolling, and I just barely made it. Today just flew by and I have little to nothing to show for it. I did however, finally finished going through some personal photos from the past month. September was a whirlwind as our family settled into the school year, prepped for Alison and Adrian’s wedding, and attending a million birthday parties. We call it the “birthday season”. Literally, we have a birthday party every weekend in September. Sometimes 2 or even 3 parties. It’s intense.

So for picture of the week, I put together a couple of collages of Kenna and Amanda. As most of you know, the girls were born on the same day, 5 years ago, weighing the same 6 lbs 5 oz no less! So here they are celebrating their birthdays…

Amanda had a princess party, and all the princesses were so cute!

Kenna had a jumpy house party. We didn’t get many pictures of her party because we were taking videos. These were taken on her actual birthday, as we started a new birthday tradition. Mani-pedi’s for the girls! They thought it was really cool to go to the “beauty shop” and I look forward to continuing the tradition…

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