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’tis the season

Here’s some outtakes from our Christmas cards. The girls actually had fun (for a little while) fulfilling my requests during the photo shoot. We did costume changes, I asked them to imagine things, I asked them to pretend to be asleep…the dog was along for the ride, lol. My hooligans crack me up…

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Hawaii – Part 5

For Friday’s blog post, I have the last installment of my Hawaii series. Up next are some recent jobs and our holiday photos…but for now, back to the islands…

It’s not a Hawaiian vacation until you hit the beach! This is Lanikai Beach, on the windward side of Oahu. It’s beautiful, has the softest sand (almost like powdered sugar) and, oh, jellyfish! How do I know? Well, a little jellyfish decided to hop on Ava’s foot while I was holding her in the waves. And then, it wrapped it’s tentacle, tendril, whatever it’s called around my leg. I would not recommend this on your Hawaiian vacation. It stings like no other! I wanted to scream and writhe in pain, but I had to keep to together because my little girl was doing the screaming and writhing for me. Poor little one. She was so cautious to go in the water, took her an hour to venture in the waves. Now I’m sure we have scarred her for life. And just fyi, if you ever encounter a jellyfish, try putting vinegar on it. Worked like a charm!

Here’s an example of the jellyfish we got stung by. My brother said it was a man-of-war…
It’s pretty huh? I didn’t take this picture, and I was a little bummed we didn’t get any documentation of our war wounds…Jordan claims I would have been mad if he was shooting our welts…maybe he has a point!
photo from jaxshells.org

And these are of us having fun before the jellyfish incident! Beautiful huh? The dog, Kyla, belongs to my brother and his wife. The dogs had more fun playing in the surf and sand than the girls I think.

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