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Like I said, I have a lot of catching up to do! The next few posts won’t be in the order I shot them in…but not to worry, I will try and get to all the recent shoots I’ve done.

This was my first time photographing this little girl Makena. She was such a doll and a very good and patient model! We went to Villa Montalvo and found some new spots to shoot in. It’s a beautiful location, but I really try to mix up the backgrounds I shoot. The first reason is because I don’t want to get caught for photographing without a permit (post on that coming soon!) and I am afraid if they see the same person, going to the same spots, with a big arse lens, they might get suspicious. Secondly, I ideally want all my clients, whether they be first timers or long time friends, to have unique shots. Thirdly, I like to see where the kids take me and let my creativity take over and strive to make something new. The weathered wood was just that. It was a rundown artist shed thing, but the weathered shingles make such a cool texture. I like this new spot!

Makena is going to be a big sister in the next couple of weeks and I hope I get a chance to photograph this family again. Sending my best wishes to her family!

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Relay for Life

Wow, what a slacker I am! I haven’t updated this sad blog since January…I guess I have some serious catching up to do!

Here are some photos I took at the Relay For Life at the end of April. For those that don’t know, it’s an event that takes place over 24 hours. People get teams together and aim to have at least one person walk the track for the full 24 hours. The teams also create a booth to raise money during the event. You had your standard, yummy bake sale treats. There was a hair spraying booth (pink for breast cancer awareness), a bead booth so walkers could keep track of how many laps they’ve walked, earning a bead for every lap. Carnival game booths. Or the ever popular, bra booth. You could buy their crazy creative bras, or rent them to wear for a few laps. All the money raised went to the event in addition to money raised beforehand. Hand decorated bags lined the track, remembering and celebrating those who fought cancer. There were fun activities (outside Zumba classes) and contests held throughout the event. The Cambrian Relay raised $272,000 this year, an astounding accomplishment I think.

Our photo team included me, my husband Jordan, our photographer friend Achille, our studio manager Jenny, my sister-in-law Alison and her husband Adrian. We were asked to photograph and video the event for the organization and they’ll use the photos and videos for promotional materials for next year’s Relay. Since their theme this year was “to have more birthdays”, we set up a fake birthday party scene, kitchen table and all. We had people sit and tell how cancer has affected their lives and why they walk in the Relay for Life. Alison and Adrian helped us do the interviews and the answers people gave were both sad and uplifting. Hearing their stories, really put the event into perspective. It was great to be involved in this organization. The people walking and the people they walk for are an inspiration.

As many of you know, cancer has touched my life profoundly. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. I’ve done surgeries, chemo, radiation and hormone therapy. In the past few months, we’ve learned that my cancer has come back in my bones and liver. I’ve had another surgery and changed my hormone therapy. My doctors remain hopeful that the new treatments will work. June is my birthday month and I really am thankful to be having more birthdays. The Relay for Life was a great reminder to keep positive, keep going and stay strong. It was inspirational to me to know how many people out there were willing to give up a day of their lives to walk for people like me. I plan to get my own team to walk next year, and to walk alongside my family and friends for many years to come.

Enjoy the photos and go to their website for more info on how to donate or participate in Relay for Life!
*it looks like their website hasn’t updated with our photos yet*

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