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I love this little girls’ big smiles! I can’t help but to smile myself. Her eyes are stunning too. We had a lot of fun roaming around the Rosicrucian museum looking for some good spots to shoot in after getting kicked out of the Rose Garden. (see Grace’s post) It turned out to be a great spot and I’ve used it a couple times since. I love being able to photograph kids year after year and see how they have grown and changed.

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European Trip – Part 3

Here are the last of our trip photos from Munich. In full disclosure, I did not take these photos. By this point in our trip,  I was tired of lugging equipment around, we were with a much bigger group of people and I needed a free hand to drink beer!

Oktoberfest was epic. Seriously, it was one of the funnest parties ever!

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European Trip – Part 2

The next leg of our trip took us to Reggio Emilia, but not before stopping for a great lunch in Bergamo. We stumbled upon this great Northern Italian town by chance, headed up to the old walled city and walked around for a couple of hours. It was that perfect “didn’t plan it” afternoon. After filling up on polenta and wine, we continued on our route to Reggio Emilia, a charming small(ish) Italian town. It is the birthplace of the Italian flag, but it also where our friend’s great-grandfather was born. And just by chance, we walked right by the sewing store his familia has owned for generations. It was a super cool feeling to witness family meeting for the first time and trying to figure out how they are all related. We even got to have an authentic Italian Family dinner with them all on our last night in Reggio Emilia, where we learned that many stereotypes of Italian families are true and many foods we call Italian, like spumoni, are not really from Italy.

We also did small day trips to Parma, Modena and Maranello, the home of Ferrari factory and museum. My only complaint of the trip is that we didn’t research more places to do vinegar, wine or cheese tastings. The area is famous for creating parmigiana reggiano cheese and balsamic vinegar and I mistakenly thought there would be more tours and advertising of the regions claim to fame. It’s a small complaint though. Hope you enjoy this round of pictures!

A couple of these photos are from our friend, Achille Bigliardi…

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European Trip – Part 1

The problem with taking a trip with 2 (well actually 3)  photographers? Gigabytes and gigabytes of photos to sort through when you get home! My husband and I recently took a trip to Italy an Germany with some dear friends of ours, one of whom is a photographer as well.  I had such a great trip, eating wonderful food, drinking lots of yummy wine and enjoying the sights. My pants were rather tight when I returned home 10 days later!

There are many, many great photos of our trip. Here are some from our first stop, Varenna on Lake Como. It was absolutely beautiful there!

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